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A Tradition of Expertise: Client Education Plays an Essential Role in Customer Service

It was August 1994. Steve Mattingly was attending his first Indiana State Lawn Care Association Field Day. Little did he know then how much his business would grow in the next seventeen years.

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Budget-Friendly Solutions: How ATS Helped One Golf Course Grow Back… Literally.

Summer 2010 in Central Indiana was brutal. It was the fourth hottest summer on record followed by a late summer through early fall drought.

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Field of the Year: How ATS helped the Fort Wayne TinCaps hit a home run

Parkview Field is home to the Fort Wayne TinCaps, the Class A affiliate of the San Diego Padres. Beyond its brick archways at the gate lies the field with straight baselines shooting out from home plate and carpeted by lush green turf contrasted by the red clay boundaries.

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Shared Values and Expert Service Help Clients’ Business Grow

There’s something to be said for doing business with companies that share your values. Just ask Rob Palmer, owner of Weed Pro, an Ohio-based lawn care firm with clients ranging from residential and commercial, to cities and schools.

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