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Simple Mason Jar Test Can Reveal Volumes About Your Infield Mix

Remember back in your school days when you had to do a Mason jar test to try and figure out what kind of soil you were dealing with? 25 years later, I never would have thought I would be performing similar experiments, but recently that’s what I did.

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From Too Much Rain to Not Enough…Drought is Coming

After what seems like an unending amount of rain and wind pounding Kentucky, you may be thinking, "Rain, rain go away!" However, do you remember being told to be careful of what you wish for? While the rain has been excessive, in some parts of the country more than others, soon it may turn off, leading us to a drought situation.

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Yellow Patch, Fairy Ring and a Bit of Brown Ring Patch

Yellow patch, fairy ring and brown ring patch are popping up in Northeast Ohio.

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The Step by Step Guide to Mound Repair

Does your mound need to be repaired? Follow these steps to make sure your mound is repaired correctly.

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