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The Benefits of Bluemuda on Golf Courses

About a month ago, we saw a post from Missouri sports turf sales rep Brian Winka about the use of Bluemuda in sports fields. Great read by the way, Brian. I wanted to follow up that post with one about the use of Bluemuda on golf courses. 

Test plot seeded Nov 2014. Picture taken June 2016.

The whole setup process is the same for golf as it is for sports turf. HGT Bluegrass is interseeded into Bermuda to enhance a playing surface. The interseeding allows for green, aesthetic fairways year-round with no need for yearly over-seeding or worrying about having to transition your ryegrass.

For the most part, very little disadvantages have been seen with interseeding Bluegrass into Bermuda. Clubs have experienced increased memberships and rounds after choosing to interseed their fairways with HGT. It has allowed clubs to renovate from a warm season course to a cool season feel, with little or no disturbance.

I included a few pictures from several clubs in Kentucky that have made the jump to Bluemuda.

August 2017-seeded Fall 2016
Nov 2017-seeded Fall 2016
October 2017-seeded Fall 2016

If you have any questions, please contact your sales rep for more details. Thanks and have a great holiday season!

Brad Nevitt
Golf Sales Manager

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